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Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record review

You could say that zombies have a lot in common with celebrities. Most people tend to get quite ‘excited’ when they encounter a zombie, for instance, and it’s the same for many people when they meet a celebrity. Zombies feed off of living breathing humans, celebrities ‘feed’ off the same, albeit in a different way (ie: they feel the need for the attention, to be constantly reassured that they are ‘special’, rather than feeling the need to munch on living flesh!) Zombies also have an annoying habit of not staying dead, much like celebrities at the end of their natural...

Screenshot of Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 review

The first Dead Rising was released during the early days of the Xbox 360 and although it had lots of promise, ultimately it didn’t deliver – at least for me. Sure you could have lots of fun killing the zombies in a variety of ways but the combat system was flawed and the timed plot events were something that really grated. I was hoping they would do away with these in the sequel but they’re back again, only this time far easier to manage. There’s also 3 save slots for you to save to as well so if you do...

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Dead Rising 2 release date

The release date has been confirmed for Dead Rising 2. It’ll be shuffling onto the store shelves on October 1st 2010 in Europe and introduces new character Chuck Greene as he tries to survive in Fortune City. The game delivers thousands more zombies and even more ways to defeat them over a period of 72 hours. Buy Dead Rising 2 now New: Buy Dead Rising 2 from Amazon.com Related: Dead Rising 2 release date, Dead Rising for the Wii

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 release date

Capcom’s confirmed it’s making Dead Rising 2 for 2009. The sequel will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and will feature lots of zombie mutilation in the gambling haven of Fortune City. Let’s just hope that silly save system from the original has been well and truly dropped. Buy Dead Rising 2 now New: Order Dead Rising 2 from Amazon.com Related: Dead Rising for the Wii, Left 4 Dead review

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Dead Rising for the Wii

More news about the Wii version of Dead Rising. After initial concerns over not enough zombies, we’re told they’ll fit up to 100 on screen at once. Not only that but they’ll improve the save system, have selectable difficulty and Resident Evil 4-style controls – I might just give it another chance. Related: Dead Rising Wii version, Dead Rising makers sued

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Dead Rising Wii version

Dead Rising’s coming to the Wii. This isn’t the sequel but a version of the original on the 360. Let’s hope they’ve changed the save system or there will be a lot of Wii remotes being hurled through windows. Related: Capcom sued over Dead Rising