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Pikmin New Play Control Wii review

One of the Nintendo Wii’s overlooked features is the ability to playback Nintendo Gamecube discs natively; a great option for those who already own Gamecube games or like to hunt eBay for those retro goodies. Not content with selling us new Wii games at $50 a time; someone high up at Nintendo has managed to sneak through the idea of re-releasing Gamecube games under a new branding and selling them to us once again. Ok so it might be a bit mean to label Pikmin New Play Control for Wii as a straight re-release as they have made alterations to...

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Digimon adventure online games

Play Digimon online now Bakugan Battle Brawlers hit the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS2 with 200 player cards, a create-a-brawler customise mode, 16 characters, 40 Bakugans, 24 levels and the ability to play Digimon adventure online games via WiFi. Digimon World Championship is also out and it’s looking better than ever. The game features over 200 Digimon to hunt, capture and train ready for battle across the huge sprawling digital world. With environments such as snowy mountains, sandy deserts, and lush jungles, you can expect to find many new and interesting Digimon. Don’t forget to visit...