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Dragon Age 2 review

I never played the original Dragon Age and I’m not really into fantasy role-playing games. The Mass Effect games get a massive thumbs-up from me because of the great characters and sci-fi setting so I wasn’t really that excited about fighting loads of mythical monsters with swords and magic. Luckily, the game’s actually very playable. Told as a series of flashbacks, you play as a male or female character called Hawke as either a warrior, rogue or mage. You and your sibling begin the game fleeing the town of Lothering as you flee an army or Darkspawn Hurlocks. After learning...

Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 release date

How they’ve managed to do it so quickly I don’t know but Bioware are almost ready to unleash yet another awesome full length RPG. Dragon Age 2 is the followup to the massively popular Dragon Age which was voted game of the year 2009 by many outlets. In this new title you take on the role of a new hero named Hawke in another 25+ hours of swordplay, magic and decision making. This mammoth ten year adventure will see you rise to fame and literally become a legend that the world will never forget. But how you get to be...

Dragon Age

Dragon Age Legends launched

The closed Beta for Facebook game Dragon Age Legends is open now. To try out the game set in the Dragon Age universe you can register at beta.dragonagelegends.com. Buy Dragon Age now New: Buy Dragon Age from Amazon.com Related: Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins Awakening

Dragon Age Origins Awakening expansion pack release date

The first expansion pack for Dragon Age Origins has been announced. Awakening will see you trying to rebuild the legendary Grey Wardens and will be available on all formats on March 16th 2010. Buy Dragon Age Origins now New: Buy Dragon Age Origins from Amazon.com Related: Risen review, The Lord of the Rings Conquest review