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Far Cry Primal screenshots

Far Cry Primal review

Far Cry Primal is an interesting one, and a brave thing for Ubisoft to do in my opinion. The game has always been about facing adversity in a paradise setting and this game is no different, although it is set in central Europe in the year 10,000 BC! That’s right, there’s no twist here. You’re literally a caveman of the Wenja tribe who must fight for survival and fend off a tribe of cannibals called the Udam in order to save your people from starvation. The reason I think Ubi are brave is that there are no guns in this...

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon review

I didn’t know what to make of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon when a friend showed me it. I thought it was either an April Fools gag or a mod some imaginative coder in his bedroom had made for Far Cry 3. 4 weeks later it turns out it’s real and I’m playing it after attending a launch party for the event thrown by Ubisoft themselves! In case you’re still confused, Blood Dragon is a stand-alone game you can download and it uses the Far Cry 3 engine to throw you into a brand new post-apocalyptic world of neon, 80s...

Far Cry 3 picture

Far Cry 3 trailer

Ubisoft have released an online trailer showing off some of the voice talent behind Far Cry 3 – but with a difference. The trailer shows the voice talent behind Vaas actually being the real-life equivalent of the unsavoury fella in the game. Check the Gamesweasel website for the full review of Far Cry 3. Buy Far Cry 3 now New: Buy Far Cry 3 from Amazon.com

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 review

So here’s the deal. I loved Far Cry on the PC, not so much on the Xbox, didn’t really get into Far Cry 2, and 3 wasn’t even on my radar – so much in fact that I thought the dude on the cover was who you played. Well I soon learned he’s actually a very bad man called Vaas and he’s part of one of the best intros to a game ever. You see, you and your chums have gone travelling and have decided to go skydiving. The good news is it’s not the fall that kills you, the...

Screenshot of Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 review

I really enjoyed Far Cry on the PC. It filled the FPS void before Half-Life 2 blew everything away. When it arrived on the Xbox 360 I was disappointed, but things are looking good with this official sequel. I say sequel, but actually there’s absolutely nothing linking this new title to the original. There’s no Jack Carver, no Trigens, no weird mutagens turning people into weird thingies – just two warring factions somewhere in deepest Africa and an arms dealer called The Jackal who you’ve been hired to kill. So, you begin the game being driven through the jungle and...

Crysis Warhead screenshot

Crysis Warhead

It’s been confirmed that the highly anticipated next instalment of Crysis is heading to us very soon. September 19th is the Crysis Warhead release date to mark on your calendar, the low £19.99 price is certain to attract FPS loving pc owners everywhere and this time the game has been optimized to run on a wider range of PC’s. I’m pretty thankful for that as the original Crysis caused my graphics card to overheat, even on the games lowest graphic settings. To compliment the already top notch single and multiplayer action in Crysis, we have a new TeamInstantAction match type...