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Football Superstars Download Now

The online social networking Soccer game Football Superstars is available to download now. Looking at the Football Superstars trailer it feels like Second Life meets Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 and could well be the surprise Football game of the year. Download Football Superstars, get straight on with the tutorial mode and then into the full game within minutes. Buy Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 now New: Buy Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 from Amazon.com Related: Football Superstars trailer, Download Football Superstars

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Football Superstars Trailer

It’s about time CyberSports released a trailer for their intriguing footballing MMO Football Superstars and guess what, they have. It reminds us of the recent GTA4 commercial but with Second Life quality graphics and a splash of Pro Evo thrown in. Marvellous!

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Football Superstars

Registration for the rather interesting sounding new Football MMOG, Football Superstars has opened. Instead of being your typical massively multiplayer online game full of dungeons, swords, busty maidens and monsters, Football Superstars transports you into a virtual football world with potentially millions of others just like you. Think Fifa meets Second Life – but better! The great thing about Football Superstars (besides living the virtual life of a top class footballer) is that when you actually start playing the football you are in control of yourself and other people from around the world (or your mates on your friends list)...