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Ghost Recon Wildlands review

Ghost Recon Wildlands takes Tom Clancy’s franchise and gives it a new spin where it’s not based on future tech and linear missions where you’re deployed, get the job done and get out. This time you play as one of four Ghosts as you enter the narco-state of Bolivia to take down a cartel leader called El Sueno. This guy’s a bad dude covered in tattoos and seemingly in fashion because cartels seem to be ‘cool’ right now, but of course you can’t just go straight in and get him, you have to take down the faction leaders that lead...

Ghost Recon Future Soldier picture

Ghost Recon Future Soldier release date update

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has finally been given a release date by Ubisoft. The new expected date for the game not taking into account further delays will be 6th March in the US and off the back of this, an estimated 9th March release date in Europe. In the game you play as Sergeant John Kozak, the ultimate ‘quiet professional’, as you fight across 8 locales. I just hope one of those is a library. Buy Ghost Recon Future Soldier now New: Buy Ghost Recon Future Soldier from Amazon.com Related: Ghost Recon Future Soldier release date, Ghost Recon Future Solider...

Ghost Recon Future Solider

Ghost Recon Future Solider Kinect support

Some of you may have seen the Kinect demo for Ghost Recon Future Solider and now there’s an official trailer that shows off just what all that Minority Report stuff is about. The new Tom Clancy game features a weapon customisation mode called Gunsmith which lets you modify every bit of your gun and test it without a controller. Looks fancy! Buy Ghost Recon Future Solider now New: Buy Ghost Recon Future Solider from Amazon.com Related: Ghost Recon Future Solider, Kinect FPS games

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Ghost Recon Future Soldier release date

Ubisoft’s reboot of the Ghost Recon games has been delayed until the final quarter of 2011 – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier Release Date is October 30th 2011. This may also delay the multiplayer beta that shipped with Splinter Cell Conviction. I don’t mind it slipping – but it better be good! Hot from E3 is the news that Ghost Recon Future Soldier will use Xbox Kinect heavily for some seriously intensive usage. If you thought Kinect was just about party games, perhaps it’s time to think again. So far we’ve seen real-time Kinect footage showing how you can...