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GTA V PC release date

GTA V PC release date delayed

Rockstar Games have announced a new release date for the PC version of GTA 5. The game has been delayed and will now come to PC on 24th March 2015 to give the developers a couple more weeks to test the game and prevent any mishaps of the kind which crippled matchmaking in GTA online on consoles last year. GTA Online for PC will support up to 30 players, will launch alongside GTA 5 for PC and will also feature Online Heists, which is coming to consoles slightly before. This mode will let you play in teams as you take...

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V review

What do you get when you cross a bank robber, a repo man and a drug dealer? Well, the answer is GTA V and Rockstar are back with their biggest, most ambitious game yet that fuses the ideas from GTA IV and its DLC stories with a sprinkling of Red Dead Redemption game mechanics to make a very big game that’s full of stuff to do! I’m not going to go into the story too much but you can hot swap between the characters of Michael, Franklin and Trevor at any time to take control of them and complete their...

GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City for iPhone, iPad and Android

GTA Vice City is making a comeback in the form of a 10th Anniversary Edition for iOS and Android devices. Seen by some, including myself, as the best of the bunch, Rockstar will also be releasing more content to celebrate the game including some unseen artwork and a brand new trailer which highlights some of the more iconic moments from the game. I for one remember that very tricky remote control helicopter mission! Buy GTA Vice City now New: Buy GTA Vice City from Amazon.com Related: Get GTA Vice City free, GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto 3 10th anniversary

It’s been ten years since the original Grand Theft Auto 3 changed gaming forever and Rockstar Games have just released a trailer to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The game was a milestone back on the PS2 and this shows some of those memorable moments including the car chases, the characters you’ll meet and kill and of course all those weapons. At the end they thank us for all our support. How nice! Well Rockstar, thanks for some great games over the years. Buy Grand Theft Auto III now New: Buy Grand Theft Auto III from Amazon.com Related: GTA 4 cheat...

GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City PS3 version release date

GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City PS3 version release date

Who remembers when Microsoft said that Grand Theft Auto 4 for the Xbox 360 was the version to buy? They told us that the two DLC packs (GTA 4 The Lost and Damned and GTA 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony) would be exclusive for Xbox 360 owners. As it turns out they bent the truth a little; rather than being real exclusives it turns out that the PC and Playstation 3 will get the additional game expansion packs – but just later on. Those of you who decided to hold off buying an Xbox 360 just to play Episodes...