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Screenshot of Haze

Haze review

I’ve been looking forward to Haze mainly because it’s made by Free Radical Design – most of the team made Goldeneye on the N64, Perfect Dark and the TimeSplitters games. Also, David Doke from the team’s a very nice guy and we’ve met and had nice chats on a few occasions. Unfortunately, this is not the FPS I was expecting and it fails to excite me on every level. You begin the game as a Mantel super soldier fighting rebels in South America as you go after their leader Skin Coat – guess what, he wears skins for a coat...

Haze screenshot

Haze Demo

A gorgeous looking demo of the PS3’s latest FPS Haze has hit the Playstation Network. This demo includes action from both the single player campaign as well as the exciting looking 4 player co-op mode too. Developed by the same people who brought you Timesplitters (the unofficial sequel to Goldeneye) you just know this is going to be a classic. It’s a couple of weeks before the Haze release date (22nd May) so while you’re waiting, why not head onto PSN and download the exclusive PS3 Haze demo and get some practice in.