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Heavenly Sword review

It’s another much-hyped game, this time for the PS3. It’s Heavenly Sword. This one’s pretty much hailed as the truly big title for the PS3 since its launch and there’s no doubt it looks pretty, but does it play well? Please listen for the next two minutes so I can tell you. So, brief backstory first. You play a red-haired lady called Nariko who is given the Heavenly Sword to protect. Use it, however, and you’re cursed. My parents used to tell me that about about stealing biscuits but that’s another story. Unfortunately, a camp bad guy played by Andy...

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Heavenly Sword preview

I’ve got an update on Heavenly Sword after we all got to see a little bit more of the tasty looking game at E3. For anyone not in the know, you play Nariko, an athletic warrior who’d punch Lara Croft’s lights out no questions asked. She’s on a quest for vengeance against a king and his invading army. When the king, played by Andy Serkis, destroys the warrior clan that protects the Heavenly Sword, the clan’s leader nariko takes up arms to kick some serious butt. The good news is that this very good looking game isn’t as repetitive as...