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Generally videogames tend to follow a tried and tested formula. The reason for this is a fairly simple one: the games publisher or developer knows that there’s already an audience out there for the product even before they start work on it, and so – assuming that they don’t make a complete hash of things – they can be guaranteed a fair few sales. Every so often though, someone decides to take a risk on a new idea and when this happens gamers might find themselves experiencing something new, like this latest from developer Quantic Dream, the PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain....

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Heavy Rain review

It’s hard what to make of Heavy Rain. It’s not really a game as we know it and it’s not really a movie. If you can imagine the two being merged together where you get to make some of the decisions and even control the movement of the characters then you’re close to what Heavy Rain is. In this game, the story is the star as you play as a number of different characters who are all involved in some way with the Origami killer – a nasty piece of work that drowns people. I won’t go into any more...

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Heavy Rain release date

So it’s not too long now until the Heavy Rain release date (February 23rd 2010) but we just wanted to remind you just in-case. Heavy Rain from Quantic Dream is the unofficial sequel to Indigo Prophecy and has been in development long before the release of the PS3. This interactive movie adventure game promises to push the gaming medium to never before seen levels of realism and I can’t wait, finally a use for my PS3 other than for LittleBigPlanet and watching BluRay’s. Buy Heavy Rain now New: Buy Heavy Rain from Amazon.com

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Heavy Rain release date delayed

Heavy Rain has been delayed. Not because they need more time to work on it, but because the developers think the game needs a non-crowded release window. So you can probably expect to play it early next year or even next summer! Buy Heavy Rain now New: Buy Heavy Rain from Amazon.com Related: Heavy Rain Release Date

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Heavy Rain Release Date

Looking forward to playing Heavy Rain on the Playstation 3? Well now you may have to wait until 2010 to get your hands on it. It’s shaping up nicely so the delay may be to get things ‘just right’. It does look impressive though and there’ll be more details about it revealed at E3 in Los Angeles next week. Related: Sony E3 Highlights, Best of E3