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Hitman review

Okay it’s time for another strange review, where I must give my opinion on a game before I’ve played most of the content. This time it’s Hitman’s turn to become episodic with a full release on disc later in the year along with bonus content in the interim for people who download the game area by area. This one goes right back to the beginning as Agent 47 is picked up by who is soon to become his handler at the ICA facility and put through some training missions based on a previous assassin’s exploits. There are just two scenarios...

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Hitman takes a hit

Square Enix have hit a spot of bother with their community after releasing a free Hitman Facebook app that let you put hits on your friends. It seems some people were offended by these virtual death threats so they pulled it just a day after release. Ah well, best get killing people in the full Hitman Absolution game instead which coincidentally features in my Top 5 games of the year. Buy Hitman Absolution now New: Buy Hitman Absolution from Amazon.com

Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution review

Agent 47 finally returns in Hitman: Absolution and it’s about time because after 6 and a half years he’s in danger of being usurped by other baldy anti-heroes. Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Larry David have enjoyed many an episode on TV but the smartly dressed killer with a red tie surely is the king on computers and consoles. This time the story’s of a more personal nature. In fact, the hit he’s asked to execute is that of his former boss. Of course things are more complicated than that and the game leads you through 20 levels where not...