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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings review

3 years ago I saw a rather good looking Indiana Jones game which had some dynamic fighting using their new Euphoria engine. So far, that game hasn’t surfaced and what we get instead is this latest adventure on the Wii, Staff of Kings. This time Indy is looking for the Staff of Moses and once again has to fight thugs, Nazis and mystical forces along the way. Being on the Wii, LucasArts have decided to eek out every last bit of motion control. You use the remote and nunchuck to punch with your left and right fist, and by holding...

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings screenshot

Indiana Jones Staff of Kings trailer

If you’re looking for some new Indy action that’s got to be better than The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie, then keep your eyes peeled for the Staff of Kings, his new adventure on the Wii, DS and PSP.

Lego Indiana Jones picture

Lego Indiana Jones review

The Man with the Hat has come to the machine with two screens and this little gem lets you play through a number of chapters from each of the three films as you follow the adventures of Lego Indiana Jones as he goes after the Lost Ark, visits a Temple of Doom and hangs out with Sean Connery as they look for a silly little cup. If you want to know how this play, just take exactly the same gameplay mechanics as Lego Star Wars and reskin all the characters to fit in with Indy’s universe and you’ll be there....

Lego Indiana Jones screenshot

Lego Indiana Jones demo

The Lego Indiana Jones the Original Adventures demo was released last week for the PC. I’ve had a good go of it and can report that it has some pretty fun platforming action; a bit of puzzle solving, plenty of cut scenes and a good deal of stuff to collect for high score lovers. The Lego Indiana Jones game isn’t a huge technical leap forward from the Lego Star Wars games but if you liked those then you’ll love this. The full game follows the story of the first three movies very accurately and what better way can you prepare...

Lego Indiana Jones image

Lego Indiana Jones news

It’s been announced there’s going to be a Lego Indiana Jones game coming to your lounge in Summer 2008. Lucas seems to love his Lego, and the trailer shows plastic Indy doing silly stuff from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark and promises action from all three movies of the trilogy.