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InFamous 2 review

Although the first Infamous game was admittedly very good, I never finished it because along came Prototype about a week later and completely took me away from it. Now electric guy Cole is back and Alex Mercer isn’t here in time to distract me. If you liked the first game you’ll definitely get off on InFamous 2 because it’s basically exactly the same game, only with a lick of paint and improved powers. The game begins with Cole battling a gigantic beast, losing and then fleeing to the South to recharge his batteries and prepare for another big battle as the...

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InFamous 2

After the success of InFamous there’s going to be a sequel but you may not recognise Cole’s voice this time around. Actor David Sullivan may be doing his voice after he went to an audition and posted the fact on his David Sullivan Twitter page. If you don’t know who he is he starred in the sci-fi movie Primer which could give the game even more cred. Buy InFamous 2 now New: Buy InFamous 2 from Amazon.com Related: InFamous


InFamous review

InFamous may look like a GTA clone at first glance but when you play it, you find out it’s really not and it’s almost a mix between any free-roaming Spider-Man game and Assassins Creed. You play as Cole, a normal citizen who’s on his way to work one day when a massive explosion wipes out the city. As you’re running from the carnage things aren’t quite as they seem when you get zapped by electricity and realise you’ve been given new powers to fire lightning bolts from your hands, recharge your energy from anything with power nearby, and blast stuff...