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Last Window Secret of Cape West

Last Window Secret of Cape West review

Despite being one of the oldest game genres going, Interactive Fiction has never gathered much foothold into the gaming market since its original popularity in the early to mid-1980s. Of course back then a text adventure game could still be considered relatively new and interesting. When you consider that most home computers of that time were designed purely with home accounting in mind, just having any sort of game was better than nothing. Nowadays new Text Adventure games themselves are rarer than a Leprechaun who rides a Unicorn to work, the only way you’ll find one is by searching the...

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West review

Last Window The Secret of Cape West review

If you’ve already played Hotel Dusk you’ll already be able to jump into this game like donning an old pair of slippers. It’s a graphic adventure game where you hold the DS sideways like a book and explore the apartments of Cape West as main protagonist Kyle Hyde. At the start of the game you get laid off by your boss and return to your apartment to discover you and the other tenants are all being evicted due to ‘personal reasons’ given by the sour-faced live-in landlady. The game begins innocuously enough but mysteries soon rear the head – the...