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Screenshot of Live For Speed

Live For Speed new car

A tasty looking new car was revealed at Leipzig for the rather good PC racing simulator Live For Speed. The Volkswagen Scirocco will be included in an upcoming free patch along the usual updates and bug fixes, probably around Christmas time. Related: Live For Speed, Race Driver Grid Review

Live For Speed screenshot

Live For Speed

I wanted to let you all know about one of my favourite racing games for the PC, its called Live for Speed and one of the best ways to experience multiplayer online racing. It’s a private title produced by three talented chaps and as such doesn’t get much press. The game features 7 tracks (with multiple routes and reverse layouts) as well as 20 cars including the official 2008 F1 BMW Sauber. Live for Speed features a superb physics engine, as well as damage modelling, tyre wear, engine/clutch damage and very customizable car setups which really do affect how your...