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LOST The Videogame

LOST The Videogame review

The TV show Lost had me hooked form the start. It constantly throws up new questions, never really answers them and I’m now happily sitting through series four still waiting for a big pay off. Now Lost the videogame is here and it’s a mix of good and bad. You play as a survivor named Elliott. You’re a photographer and must piece together your memory by completing quests on the island and getting your memory back by taking some photos and collecting evidence through a series of flashbacks. What this game is good at is using the structure of the...

LOST The Videogame

LOST videogame

New details of the Lost videogame have emerged thanks to a tucked-away preview in the Season 3 box set. You play a new survivor from the crashed Oceanic 815 plane and must unearth the secrets of the island alongside the current cast. You’ll also play through some flashbacks of your life – let’s just hope they’re not as boring as the ones in the TV series.