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Screenshot of New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros sales figures

Mario’s gone mental on the Wii – New Super Mario Bros for the Wii has sold over ten million copies worldwide in just eight weeks and has already outsold Super Mario Galaxy! Who ever said 2D gaming was dead? Buy New Super Mario Bros now New: Buy New Super Mario Bros from Amazon.com Related: New Super Mario Bros review, Interview with Mario voiceover artist Charles Martinet

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New Super Mario Bros review

It’s a bit odd that this game’s called New Super Mario Bros as it’s not really that new if you’ve played the DS version. The game looks almost identical apart from a couple of extra little touches but the main fundamental difference between the console version over the handheld is the fact that you can now play the game with up to four players which certainly completely changes the mechanic of the game far from anything we’ve seen before. Once again the princess has been captured and off you go from left to right, smashing blocks with your head, jumping...

New Super Mario Bros

Interview with Charles Martinet the voice behind Mario

Charles Martinet recently joined us for a chat and explains what it’s like to be the voice behind the oldest and most recognisable video game character of all time – Mario. He’s also behind a whole host of other Nintendo characters who appears in New Super Mario Bros for the Wii. Related: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games review, Mario Kart review