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Mario Party 8 review

So Mario Party 8 has just returned to the shelves after they removed that naughty word from the European version. I never reviewed it a couple of weeks ago when it first came out so maybe this is Ninty’s way of hinting that a review must be done. It’s about to happen, so listen up. If you’ve never played a Mario Party game the premise is simple. Up to four players compete on a 3d board game to land on as many stars as possible before the end of the game. You hit a dice block with your head, move...

New Super Mario Bros screenshot

Mario Party 8

Those of you who didn’t manage to get a copy of Mario Party 8 before it was pulled off the shelves for having a bad word in it can now get excited all over again at the new relaunch date. It’ll be back in the shops on August 3rd. Those of you who got a copy, hang on to it, it may be worth something to someone one day, maybe.