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Medal of Honor review

Medal of Honor was the game that started the whole intense first-person wartime fighting genre as you saw yourself running up Omaha beach whilst being shot at by lots of Germans with very big guns. It’s still an experience which sticks in my memory and since then there have been many iterations of the franchise. It’s also not unfair to say it’s been overshadowed by the immense Call of Duty games recently. This reboot brings us the most current fighting experience set mostly in the snowy mountains of Afghanistan and provides a short single player campaign and DICE’s own take...

Medal of Honor

No Medal of Honor for the Taliban

After much controversy, EA have backed down and removed the playable Taliban characters from their upcoming Medal of Honor game. Greg Goodrich, executive producer of the game has now revealed they’ve renamed them Opposing Force. Buy Medal of Honor now New: Buy Medal of Honor from Amazon.com Related: Medal of Honour Airborne review, Call of Duty World at War review

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honour Airborne review

After playing through both excellent Call of Duties on the 360 and trying out the awful Hour of Victory recently, reviewing Medal of Honour Airborne is like coming full-circle to where it all started. I was hoping I would be blown away with a great new game play mechanic but ultimately, this one feels very similar to the previous titles apart from the fact that at the start of each level you come falling through the skies like the old Pilotwings game on the SNES, the difference being you get shot at and if you miss the green flares indicating...