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Metro Last Light review

So the sun’s finally starting to appear because Summer is almost here so it’s the perfect time to jump into a video game where you’re mostly underground in depressing metro systems because it’s too dangerous to venture above ground thanks to all the irradiated mutants roaming about the place. This is Metro: Last Light and if you fancy a journey into post-apocalyptic Russia then this is the game for you. Set in the same world as Metro 2033, you play as Artyom, a voiceless hero (apart from the narrative story sections in the loading screens) who not only fights for...

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Metro Last Light preview

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited down to the nightclub Cable during the day to try out Metro Last Light, the latest in the series of angsty subterranean Russian games where you spend some of your time top side fighting monsters and a lot of your time going underground where you’ll meet a lot of folks who now live in the subway system. And there’s the link with the venue – Cable is underground below the London tube network and I’m currently writing this preview without a phone signal and with the smell of damp filling my...

Metro Last Light

Enter the Metro with Metro Last Light

THQ have released a short video to promote their claustrophobic shooter Metro: Last Light. It’s called Enter the Metro and features real-life actors looking rather cold and miserable in 2013. In it we follow the plight of a number of characters as the Russians head underground to escape the impeding monstrous threat. You’ll also see a teaser of just what life is like 20 years later. To see the full video make sure you’re over 18 and head over to www.enterthemetro.com. Buy Metro Last Light now New: Buy Metro Last Light from Amazon.com Related: www.enterthemetro.com, Metro 2033 review

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Metro 2033 review

Based on the book by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 sees you wandering round the wastelands and underground system of Moscow as you fight for survival against some rather nasty mutants. You may immediately draw comparisons with STALKER but this isn’t an open-world affair and very much a scripted FPS more comparable to Half-Life 2. There are moments when you’re wandering the tunnels alone or with a helping hand, and also parts where you explore the Metro stations and get to buy new weaponry and listen in on some of the NPCs going about their daily business. The atmosphere and sound...

Metro 2033

Metro 2033 3D support

HQ are claiming their new game Metro 2033 sets a new standard in visuals on the Xbox 360 thanks to their 4A Engine. The game will also run in 3D on the PC thanks to nVidia’s new 3D tech. I’ll let you now how it really looks when I review it soon. Buy Metro 2033 now New: Buy Metro 2033 from Amazon.com Related: MAG review, The Conduit review