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MotorStorm Apocalypse

MotorStorm Apocalypse review

The last couple of MotorStorm games have been set in the desert and a lush tropical environment. This one takes a different spin on things because, as part of a group of misfits on a ship just offshore of an earthquake-stricken city, you use the broken bridges and buildings as your playground to burn rubber in. The game’s Festival mode is set over three difficulty levels which tell the story of three different drivers. The story mode uses short cartoon-like cut-scenes to set the scene before each race and then it’s up to you to boost your way into first...

Motorstorm Arctic Edge

Motorstorm Arctic Edge review

I’ve never really been into the Motorstorm games which is odd as I much prefer fantasy racing over the more technical simulation games of say Gran Turismo or Project Gotham. I guess it’s because I’d just rather be playing an FPS or something. However, on the PSP it feels different and worthwhile because I don’t necessarily have to be sitting at home while I’m playing it. Motorstorm Arctic Edge takes the high-octane racing to some rocky, snowy mountains and once again you get to race bikes, snowmobiles, quads, trucks and cars over the terrain. Of course, your choice of vehicle...