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XG Blast

XG Blast review

The chances are that you’ve played Geometry Wars after it became the game to buy on XBLA, it was also the title which seemingly everyone used to rank each other by via the online high score tables. XG Blast from Next Wave brings the same hardcore arcade gameplay but tries to add a bit of narrative for the discerning gamer. Let’s see if they managed to not only clone Geometry Wars but get that story line believable enough in our review of XG Blast for DS. XG Blast’s story starts off with a special ship called the Aknathen heading off...

Geometry Wars 2

Geometry Wars 2 review

As far as my aging brain can remember, geometry is the mathematics of lines, curves and surfaces. Geometry Wars 2 (now available on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points) also features lines, curves and surfaces but thankfully pairs this with the far more entertaining mathematics of smart bombs and laser guns. So is Geometry Wars 2 a damp Tuesday afternoon stuck in a GCSE maths class learning about indeterminate polynomial equations, or a Friday afternoon the moment the school bell goes? If you have never played Geometry Wars before the idea behind the game is simple. You control a...

Geometry Wars Galaxies

Geometry Wars Galaxies review

If you like your shoot ‘em ups then listen up because I may have a game for you. It’s Geometry Wars: Galaxies on the Nintendo DS and it’s a hectic bit of fun to say the least. The game’s called Geometry wars because you are a little Geometric shape flying round an arena in spce being chased by lots of other geometric shapes that want to bump into you and blow you up. It’s like a mathematician’s bad trip. You may have played a version of this game on Xbox Live arcade called Geometry Wars Retro Evolved where the aim...