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Spectra videogame

Spectra review

Spectra is one of those games that gets in your head. At first glance it looks simple, just race a spaceship along a sort of futuristic Rainbow Road whilst collecting little yellow cubes and avoiding the big purple ones that reduce your score, wreck your multiplier and can knock you off the edge into oblivion. Sounds, er, simple doesn’t it, but of course it isn’t and it’s even worse if you want to go for a high score! Make sure you boost over the chevrons and you’ll get a speed increase and increase your score for every dot you collect,...

We Sing POP

We Sing POP review

We Sing POP is the latest in a long running franchise on the Wii. The last edition was a rock and metal version, and was surprisingly good. This new version eliminates the guitars and tattooed men, replacing with Peter Andre. But is it actually any good? Well, yes and no. If you’re not a fan of Lady Gaga, Hanson or Village People, you’ll no doubt give this a miss. We Sing is a karaoke game, where a player uses a USB Microphone to sing in time with the song being played. Yes it’s another one of THOSE games. The tracks...


Rocksmith release date

Following the news that music game Rocksmith has been delayed in Europe until some time in 2012, it’s also received a rather mediocre response from gamers in the United States. Ubisoft’s North American executive director Laurent Detoc has said on the matter “As much as gamers claim they want innovation, they don’t.” I have to agree, I still prefer a joypad to any other controller but really want to plug my guitar into my console! It’s out in the US for PC in December. Buy Rocksmith now New: Buy Rocksmith from Amazon.com Related: Music video games, Rock Revolution review

Michael Jackson The Experience

Michael Jackson The Experience release date

Last night was the launch party for Michael Jackson The Experience at Whisky Mist in Mayfair. I got to try out the game for the Wii and also witnessed some fantastic routines of Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean and Thriller performed by some rather talented dancers. Oh and of course the drinks were free as well! The game features 27 playable tracks, each one with its own unique MJ dance moves and steps based on Michael’s original music videos. You can prance about in your own living room donning a glittery glove and white socks on November 26th 2010. Buy Michael...

Power Gig Rise of the Six String

Power Gig Rise of the Six String release date

You know it’s true, playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero is hardly the same as using a real instrument. Sure it’s a hell of a lot easier and in the short term much more fun, but listen up, when you’re older you’ll wish you could play a real guitar instead of a plastic toy. Cute girls don’t throw their knickers at Guitar Hero or Rock Band players; that is one thing I can promise you right now. PowerGig for Xbox 360 is different because it comes with real electric instruments guitar. For under $250 the Power Gig Rise of the...

Rock Revolution

Rock Revolution review

Rock Revolution’s been out for a few months in the States but it’s only just hit UK shores so I apologise to people in the good old US of A for this untimely review. I wish I’d got it sooner though so I could have warned all of you that it really isn’t necessary to spend your money on this game. In case you don’t know, Konami were the original rhythm game masters with all their Beat Mania titles and musical games in the arcade which included dancing about, playing guitars and bashing drums. It seems they’ve been eyeing the...