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NHL 2K10

NHL 2K10 review

Ice Hockey’s a funny old game. Not content with playing normal hockey on a field with a ball, these guys like to slide about the ice and try to slam a puck into the net and of course have a good old scrap halfway through the game and end up in the sin bin. And, if you’re from the UK, the rules may seem a bit confusing so it’s a good thing then, at least if you’re British, NHL 2K10 presents an arcade-style experience which is simple and easy to get into. The first thing you’ll notice is the action...


NHL 2K9 Wii Release date

2K Sports have released some nice looking screenshots ahead of their upcoming Ice Hockey game NHL 2K9 for Wii. Once again Wii owners get to play the game in a totally different way to owners of the other three consoles; you’ll be flicking the Wii Remote to shoot, using the Nunchuck & Wiimote to battle a rival when the fights break out and have greater control in goal. The NHL 2K9 release date is September 9th, exactly the same day as NHL 09 from EA Sports – now that’s what we like to see, some serious competition.