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Cheap Wii games

Fans of Nintendo Wii music games will find this list of cheap Wii games on Amazon a great way to boost your music collection ready for the next party and family get-together. If you buy the following 11 Nintendo Wii music and dance games we’ve discovered you’ll be able to pick up a whopping 400 songs, a free mic and free delivery thrown into the bargain too! Some of these titles even include $5 worth of free downloads at the Amazon MP3 store. Rock Band – $19.99 – 45 songs Rock Band Song Pack – $19.99 – 20 songs Ultimate...

Championship Manager

Buy Championship Manager 2010 for 1p

Eidos are letting gamers choose how much they want to pay for the new Championship Manager 2010 game when they download it before the game’s launch in the shops. You can get the game for just 1p for PC plus a £2.50 transaction charge until the 10th September. Buy now: Championship Manager 2010 Related: Try Football Superstars, Try Football Manager Live free

Buy GTA IV and get GTA Vice City free

Buy GTA IV and get GTA Vice City free

Want to play GTA Vice City for free on the PC? Well now you can, if you pre-order GTA IV for direct download via Steam. Valve are doing the deal for gamers itching to play on their PC on 2nd December. Want the boxed version instead? Preorder GTA 4 for the PC from Amazon.com now in time for the 2nd December release date. Related: GTA IV PC release date, GTA IV Xbox 360 downloadable content release date

Wii Speak

Buy Wii Speak

Nintendo Wii Speak’s been priced in the UK. If you just want the mic you’ll be paying £25 and if you want the Animal Crossing Wii Speak bundle it will set you back £60. The microphone will let you use your internet connection to speak with other users who’ve shared their friend code with you. Buy Wii Speak: Buy – Official Wii Speak page Buy – Animal Crossing City Folk and Wii Speak Microphone Bundle Related: Animal Crossing Wii City Folk, Wii Opera Browser to use Wii Speak


Rockband price drop

Good news for people who haven’t bought Rockband because they thought it’s too expensive. The full instrument edition which includes game, guitars, microphone and drumkit now retails for just over £100 – now you’ll just need a big enough room to play it in. Related: Rock Band review, Using the Wii Guitar Hero controller with Rock Band