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Play Playstation 1 games on your PS Vita

If you miss your old PS One games, the good news is that the PS Vita has now been updated to include full PS One compatibility. You can either buy games from the PS Store or transfer them from your PS3 console and games include titles such as the early Crash Bandicoot games, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 2, Syphon Filter and Final Fantasy VII. Buy PS Vita now New: Buy PS Vita from Amazon.com Related: PS Vita

Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush review

Apart from being something that happens when you stand up too quick, Gravity Rush plays with the PS Vita‘s gyroscope in a very clever way. As Kat and her cat Dusty, you wake up in a strange town with no memory although you do have the power to shift gravity and float around the town in order to help out its inhabitants. The game features a combination of fetch quests, sneaking, timed flying and combat and genuinely offers something different to anything I’ve ever played before. If playing in a public space you can also use the right stick instead...

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Best Vita games

The PlayStation Vita release date is next week and Sony kindly sent me a device to try out along with a pack of games I could download onto its 16GB memory card. It’s a decent piece of kit and you name it, it’s got it. It has a large 5 inch OLED touch screen, rear touch pad, gyroscope, GPS, microphone, dual analogue sticks and front and rear cameras and the launch titles all go some way to making sure they use some if not all the functions it has. After a messy start getting the thing to work what with...

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita release date

Sony have announced a release date for their next-gen handheld console and given it a new official name. The NGP is now called PlayStation Vita and will launch this Christmas as Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi and 3G versions. AT&T will be the exclusive carrier for the latter model in the US with global carriers to probably be announced at Gamescom this August. Games already announced for the handheld include WipEout 2048, Hustle Kings, Uncharted Golden Abyss and Little Deviants. Amazon already feature the handheld on their website, pre-ordering ensures you not only get the console but they have also been...