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From Dust

From Dust review

When you first look at From Dust and if you’re over the age of 30 you’ll immediately think of Peter Molyneux’s Populous; the God game that had you look after your people, spread their colonies and protect them from natural disasters. In many ways From Dust is similar to Populous however the gameplay mechanics are far more simple which is a large part of the game’s charm. You play as a powerful force called The Breath. I had a French teacher we called that at school but that’s another story. The Breath can direct the tribe to monoliths where they...


Populous DS review

The Nintendo DS is a breeding ground for remakes, especially of old PC titles that were never able to transition properly across to consoles. That’s the beauty of the touchscreen for you, it’s like a keyboard and a mouse wrapped up in one. Classic strategy games Theme Park and Sim City have already made the leap into the 21st Century, and received fairly mixed reviews. Now it’s the turn of the original god sim, Populous, to rise up and bring early Nineties point-and-click style back into fashion. Bow down and worship Populous DS, which is, shockingly, Populous on the DS....