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Best Vita games

The PlayStation Vita release date is next week and Sony kindly sent me a device to try out along with a pack of games I could download onto its 16GB memory card. It’s a decent piece of kit and you name it, it’s got it. It has a large 5 inch OLED touch screen, rear touch pad, gyroscope, GPS, microphone, dual analogue sticks and front and rear cameras and the launch titles all go some way to making sure they use some if not all the functions it has. After a messy start getting the thing to work what with...

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PSP 2 release date

No word yet on a release date yet but rumour has it that the PSP 2 is going to be a powerful monster indeed! It’s all hear’say but we’re getting reports it’s going to have front and back cameras, a touch screen and won’t have any physical media to go into it. It’s also expected to be about half as powerful as the PS3 thanks to its four-core cell CPU. Let’s just hope the battery lasts more than an hour. Related: BBC iPlayer for the PSP, watch Gamesweasel free on your PSP

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PSP Go rumour

If you’re hankering after a new PSP, Sony are going to show off a new one at E3 in Los Angeles in May. Probably called PSP GO! It will feature a redesigned look and may drop the use of UMDs. It should hit the US by the end of the year. Buy a PSP 3000 now New: Buy a PSP 3000 from Amazon.com Related: PSP 4000, PSP surprise

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PSP 4000

Once again Sony’s remodelling the PSP with the PSP 4000 in late 2009. There’s no clue as to what this new update will include but Sony are adamant there won’t be a PSP2. In the meantime if you want to get a good deal on a PSP 3000 bundle head over to Amazon where you can pick one up the PSP 3000 Core Pack for just $169.99. Buy PSP 3000 Core Pack now New: Buy PSP 3000 Core Pack from Amazon.com Related: Sony Leipzig roundup

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Slimline PSP

Its just been announced that Sony will be releasing a new slimline PSP in September in Japan, with the US and European versions following shortly after. The new handheld will be a third lighter and have a TV out socket so you can play games on your big screen and watch UMD movies. You’ll have to buy a special cable though which should set you back about 10 quid.