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Ys Seven

Ys Seven release date

At last Ys Seven finally has a western release date. The well respected Japanese action RPG which uses the full power of the Sony PSP will be on our shores very soon. Supposedly built from the ground up; Ys features stunning graphics the like you’ve never seen from any of the previous Ys games before. Check out the Ys screenshot, then just wait in line for the Ys Seven PSP release date in the US is August 17th 2010. Buy Ys Seven now New: Buy Ys Seven from Amazon.com Related: Dungeon Explorer Warriors of Ancient Arts review, Ys Book

Dungeon Explorer Warriors of Ancient Arts

Dungeon Explorer Warriors of Ancient Arts review

Typical RPG’s have never really been my cup of tea. All that grinding and talking to NPC’s for hours at a time really gets on my wick. An exception to the rule is Nintendo’s Zelda series; I just love its greater focus on puzzle solving and overall straightforwardness. Dungeon Explorer for PSP is the first game that I have played on my shiny new PSPgo. Let’s find out if it can get me loving more traditional Role Playing Games a little bit more in a review of Dungeon Explorer for PSP. Dungeon Explorer was originally released for the Sony PSP...

Star Ocean First Departure

Star Ocean First Departure review

Most gamers in the west would have heard of Star Ocean, yet this re-mastered version on the PSP was only originally released in Japan. This is the chance for role-playing fans to get their hands on a brand new version of the game complete with CGI sequences, full voice acting for most of the characters and a brand new real-time combat system. The game begins like something straight out of a science fiction movie. An inter-galactic war is raging and the crew of the starship Calnus beam down to the planet of Roak. From the sci-fi intro you’re then in...