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Quantum Break

Quantum Break review

Quantum Break is sure to divide gamers just as much as the game itself is divided into acts and chapters. The acts let you play through the story as the hero Jack Joyce played by Shawn Ashmore of X- Men fame, and the episodes are TV shows that show the goings-on at Monarch Solutions, the big bad corporation based in the city of Riverport that’s trying to manipulate time for the benefit of company director Paul Serene played by Aidan Gillen who you may have seen being a complete slime ball in Game of Thrones. So it’s finally here, but...

Gears of War 4

Most anticipated games of 2016

The new year is almost here and with that, there are loads of new video games to get excited about. Here’s my list of games I’m looking forward to in 2016, in no particular order: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the sequel to 2011’s Human Revolution and for a change is set in Prague. Set after the events of the previous game, once again you play as Adam Jensen in a world where humans can also be fitted with augmentations. Naturally, this has created somewhat of a divide between non-augmented humans and cyborgs with those techy...