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R Type

R Type review

When it comes to examples of old-skool gaming, you can’t do much better than a classic side-scrolling shoot-’em-up, and for those who grew up with the videogame industry, R-Type is one of the definitive examples of the genre, having started life as an arcade coin-op (back when arcade games cost just 10p a go!) and subsequently ported, reinvented and reimagined many, many times over on countless different videogame formats. The premise is simple: fly from left to right within a limited one-screen high environment while spacecraft, robots, bugs, missiles and the very landscape itself does its absolute best to kill...

R-Type Command

R-Type Command review

R-Type Command brings the world of R-Type together with some tactics. R-Type Command (UK name: R-Type Tactics) is a fifty-plus level extravaganza that attempts to add some depth to the side-scrolling series and revitalise it. Rather than soaring through levels as a one-ship army like the earlier games in the series, you will instead be asked to strategically work your way through turn-based missions (yes, turn-based) in two separate campaigns – one for the forces of Earth, and one for their enemy, the Bydo. You get to play as both good and evil. That’s a popular idea nowadays, isn’t it?...

R-Type Command

PSP R-Type Command Demo

PSP R-Type loving fans rejoice for a brand new and exclusive demo of the interesting new addition to the franchise – The R-Type Command PSP Demo has been released on the Playstation Store. For those of you who enjoy being on the dark side, your luck is in. For the very first time in the series you can control the baddies, known as The Bydo. There are around 100 exciting units at your disposal, you can choose to buy new and better ones or upgrade your existing craft. What we’re most looking forward to here at Gamesweasel is the Wireless...