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Resistance Burning Skies

Resistance Burning Skies review

Resistance: Burning Skies takes the battle with the Chimera on the move and online. Playing as a fireman who gets caught up in the fight during the 50s you soon get to play with all their weaponry which tags bad guys and shoots round corners, blasts enemies through walls and more heavy firepower that does lots of damage in very unconventional ways. There’s no slowdown so expect some graphical shortcuts here and there but the action is fast and furious with touch screen features such as throwing grenades and activating shields and buttons which work to various degrees of success....

Resistance 3

Resistance 3 review

This year sees a wealth of games with the word ‘three’ at the end of their title and Resistance doesn’t want to be left out and so just calls itself plain old Resistance 3. I’ve never actually played the previous two consoles iterations properly but I did enjoy the PSP outing so am familiar with the alternative reality set in wartime 1950s this time where a virus from outer space called Chimera has infected people and resulted in armies of mutated humanoids, insects and tech that are harvesting humans and now just killing them for an as yet unknown reason....

Resistance Retribution

Resistance Retribution review

Just as Killzone 2 had a successful release on the PSP with Liberation, Resistance: Retribution tries to replicate the success, bringing the first-person shooter into third-person and making some concessions to make the game work without that second analogue stick. This game sets the fight against the Chimera in Europe. As a soldier named James Grayson, you find yourself facing the firing squad after going a bit loopy after having to shoot your brother dead before he changes into one of the Chimera himself. Luckily, you’re bailed out of this sticky situation when asked to fight for the cause by...

Resistance 2 screenshot

Resistance 2 review

I really didn’t like the first Resistance game. After hearing great things about how the PS3 was much more powerful than the 360, I was expecting great things from the launch title. Unfortunately, there was nothing in it the Xbox 360 couldn’t do (apart from the rubbish Sixaxis shaking at certain times in combat which made you look like Shakin’ Stevens going mental after too many Vodkas). So, it disappointed. Luckily, expectations are lower now so I can judge Resistance 2 Fall of Man on how it actually plays rather than on the high hopes I had for the original....

Resistance 2

Resistance 2

It’s being reported that Resistance 2 may take up to 420 hours to complete if you unlock and collect everything in the game. Of course, that does include playing online as well. The single game should take an average 10 to 12 hours to run and gun through. Related: Haze review, STALKER Clear Sky review