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Green Day Rock Band

Green Day Rock Band release date

Rock Band fans prepare to rejoice once again. Not only do you have another excuse to get out your plastic instruments from the cupboard but for once it’s actually a real rock band being featured in Rock Band. Green Day Rock Band for the Xbox 360 features 47 of the band’s best tunes on one disc making it a very tempting game indeed. Just like The Beatles Rock band you can step right into the shoes of Green Day with accurately recreated members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool. Best of all you’ll be able to sing three...

The Beatles Rock Band

The Beatles Rock Band review

If you don’t like The Beatles you won’t enjoy this latest iteration of Rock Band. However, if you’re a massive fan or even know a little about them and think they’re pretty cool, you’re going to have a blast playing this. Chronicling their rise to fame from playing in Liverpool’s Cavern Club right through to playing on the rooftop of Apple Corps, this game provides a magical mystery tour of the Fab Four’s career with some beautifully crafted visuals and of course most of the classics you know and love. Playing the game is standard Rock Band apart from the...

Rock Band 2 screenshot

Rock Band 2 review

Rock Band 2 came through my door a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately, I still haven’t got hold of any of the peripherals. Still, I do have a set for Guitar Hero but unfortunately, only a drum kit for the PS3. Still, apart from the fact that the drums are now wireless, not much has changed when it comes to how you hit the buttons so I’m going to concentrate more on what you get on the actual disc. You get a lot of songs with Rock band 2. Over 500 in fact if you count the 80 on...

Rock Band

Rock Band 2 Wii version

Yes it’s finally here; you can preorder Rock Band 2 for Wii right now for under $50 with free shipping. Now you can finally find out how the rival to Guitar Hero World tour plays out over the Christmas holidays and decide for yourself which is the better game. Rock Band Two features the same multiplayer rock action you loved from the first game as well as other extra’s like Tour Challenges, Customizable set lists, Character Creation and even a Drum Trainer inspired by the one found in Wii Music. Will you be able to resist Rock Band 2 for...

Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2 new instrument

Rock Band 2’s getting a new instrument! Is it a wobble board? Is it a didgeridoo? No, it’s something secret that plugs into the expansion port of the new wireless drum kit. Rumours abound it could be a keyboard so if you truly want to embrace the eighties, keep it here to find out at a later date. Related: Rockband price drop, Using the Wii Guitar Hero controller with Rock Band


Rockband price drop

Good news for people who haven’t bought Rockband because they thought it’s too expensive. The full instrument edition which includes game, guitars, microphone and drumkit now retails for just over £100 – now you’ll just need a big enough room to play it in. Related: Rock Band review, Using the Wii Guitar Hero controller with Rock Band