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Wii Christmas sales figures

Wii Christmas sales figures

The Wii is officially the most popular platform this Christmas. Despite Sony and Microsoft’s new motion controllers coming out, the Wii had almost 30 percent of the market share last week with the Nintendo DS still being the best-selling console in the UK. Buy Nintendo Wii now New: Buy Nintendo Wii from Amazon.com Related: Wii Fit sales figures, Kinect sales figures

Modern Warfare 2 picture

Modern Warfare 2 sales figures

It’s official, Modern Warfare 2 was the best selling game of 2009. It only came out in November but in just under 2 months managed to shift over 11.86 million copies worldwide! Multiply that by $45 per copy and that’s a lot. Buy Modern Warfare 2 now New: Buy Modern Warfare 2 from Amazon.com Related: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 review, Top 5 videogames for Christmas

Screenshot of New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros sales figures

Mario’s gone mental on the Wii – New Super Mario Bros for the Wii has sold over ten million copies worldwide in just eight weeks and has already outsold Super Mario Galaxy! Who ever said 2D gaming was dead? Buy New Super Mario Bros now New: Buy New Super Mario Bros from Amazon.com Related: New Super Mario Bros review, Interview with Mario voiceover artist Charles Martinet

Pokemon HeartGold

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver sales figures

Pokémon fever’s still as big as ever if sales of the new HeartGold and SoulSilver editions for the DS are to be believed. In their first weekend on sale they sold around 1.5million units. The games will be out in the West next spring. Related: Pokemon Diamond Pearl review, Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Pokemon Pack


Apple takeover EA

Rumours abound that Apple may be trying to buy EA. Since the introduction of the iPhone, gaming has finally taking off on phones and now it seems they want a bigger slice of the pie. But will it be Apple pie or pie in the sky? Only time will tell. Buy iPod touch now New: Buy an iPod touch from Amazon.com Related: 3G iPhone gaming, iPod Touch fire hazard

GTA IV Lost and Damned

GTA IV Lost and Damned sales figures

Downloads of GTA IV expansion The Lost and Damned are outselling retail code cards by 6 to 1. Reportedly downloads have made $18 million whilst redeem codes bought in shops are only at $3 million. Could this mean one day all games will come over your broadband connection? Related: GTA IV Lost and Damned review, GTA IV review