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Sam and Max Tomb of Sammun Mak

Sam and Max Tomb of Sammun Mak review

I can’t believe it. As soon as I finish reviewing episode one of The Devils Playhouse, episode two arrives – you’d think this was a monthly episodic adventure. Oh wait it is, brilliant. Due to the nature of this episodic series you will undoubtedly find spoilers for the previous episode here, you have been warned! To keep things short I won’t go into depth about Sam and Max yet again because you must already know about them by now right? Listen all you need to know is that you’re in-store for another dose of twisted humour and mind bending puzzles...

Sam and Max in The Devils Playhouse

Sam and Max in The Devils Playhouse review

Furry freelance police they may be but Sam and Max are back with another five episodes of comic mischief and crime solving shenanigans. Let’s not beat around the bush any longer when there is a Sam and Max review just around the corner. I’d have thought if you were here then Sam and Max would need no introduction. However to recap for those not paying attention before, Sam and Max are of course the infamous Dog and Rabbit detective duo that regularly save the world whilst cracking jokes. Fresh from their trip down to hell at the end of Sam...

Sam and Max Season One

Sam and Max Season One review

Back in the days before 3D gaming and when it was un-cool to play games on a personal computer there were two distinct game types vying for pole position. Strategy games like Command and Conquer and point and click adventures such as Monkey Island. I was definitely in the camp which preferred a good point and click game; Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis as well as Beneath a Steel Sky are still firm favourites of mine to this day, and at the time, totally defined the genre. Sure they look dated now and the versions I played on...

Sam and Max

Free Sam and Max game

Would you like a free Sam and Max PC game? Sure you would. We discovered when you register for the Telltale newsletter they send you a special download code for Sam & Max 2001: Ice Station Santa (normally $9). The little game is great fun and a neat way to get yourself ready for the upcoming Sam and Max Season Two Collector’s edition. If you’ve already played this game they even allow you to pass the unlock code onto a friend instead. What nice chaps. Related: Online magic school