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The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval release date

Wow, it’s almost 11 years since the original SIMS game first hit the PC. Can you remember all the fuss is caused? It felt like the whole world was raving about how fun it was to watch a load of virtual people walk around a virtual house all day. Who’d have thought way back then that the series would grow into a multi-million seller and spawn thousands of sequels? Not me that’s for sure, to this day I’ve still never played any of them, but I did come quite close once. It was way back around 2002 when I decided...

My Aquarium 2

My Aquarium 2 review

Not long ago I reviewed the PlayStation 3 edition of My Aquarium. With it’s High Definition visuals and scrumptious animation I couldn’t help but find it an attractive piece of software, but as a game I didn’t really feel hooked to it for any real length of time. So let’s see if the sequel improves things or sinks to the bottom of the tank. Many of you may believe that keeping fish as pets is a very simple and hassle free thing to do. After all they don’t need to be taken for a walk like a dog and they...

Sims 3

Sims 3 for the consoles

Sims 3 is coming to consoles this Autumn. It’ll keep all the gameplay of the PC version with a few new additions. Achievements will of course be there but there’s also karma points which can be earned to make your Sims more lucky and community features where you can design, build and share content without actually leaving the game. Buy Sims 3 now New: Buy Sims 3 from Amazon.com Related: My Sims for the Wii, SimCity Creator

Diner Dash

Diner Dash review

Everyone knows Diner Dash; the hit Flash game from 2003 which has seemingly been ported to every gaming system under the sun. Well apart from the Nintendo Wii that is, until now. Diner Dash has already ventured its way onto Xbox 360 and PS3 this year but Wii owners now finally have their chance to control the cute redhead Flo as she decides to run a restaurant business. You take control of Flo who pretty much has to do everything in her restaurant minus the cooking. You’ll be seeing customers to their seats, taking their order, giving them the bill...

My Zoo picture

My Zoo review

I’m not embarrassed to say that I’m an animal lover. I share my house with a rabbit, four cats and ten chickens. Well ok the chickens don’t actually live in the house but you know what I mean. I would go as far as to say that I’d prefer the company of almost every animal on the planet rather than that of a human. All except moths, I can’t say I like moths that much at all. Sure you could call me a hippy but no animal is going to rob me in a dark alley or blow up a...

Build A Lot screenshot

Build A Lot review

Right off the bat a video game title based around pun is a little worrying but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or a DS game by its name. The subtitle for Build-A-Lot is ‘become a property tycoon’ and that should start to give a clue as to the game’s theme. For a couple of weeks I was waiting for a fun little title to play on my DSi in bed and I was quite pleased when Build-A-Lot arrived for review. So the aim of the game is to progress from being a newbie property developer to America’s...