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Skate 3

Skate 3 review

I’ll tell you now that I’ve never really liked the Skate series of games because I prefer the simple button press controls of Tony Hawk to the ‘flick it’ controls of Skate. Yes the gesture is more like doing a real kick-flip, Ollie or nollie but sometimes you have to be deadly accurate with your thumb movements if you want to pull off exactly what’s asked of you. Still, I approached Skate 3 putting my preferences aside and found that it’s a comprehensive skating game with a couple of new additions that make it the perfect game for people who...

Skate 2

Skate 2 review

When Skate came out in 2007 it completely smashed everything the Tony Hawk franchise had tried to achieve over its many incarnations. Instead of using button press combinations to perform tricks, the Flick It controls used the right analogue stick and a couple of button presses as modifiers to do all your skater’s moves, whether it’s pulling nollies, ollies, shove-its or grinding down rails. Skate 2 doesn’t try to re-invent the new wheel it’s made, instead, it adds a few new ideas to give lovers of the first game something extra to sink their teeth into. The game begins with...

Skate It picture

Skate It review

For many years Tony Hawk was the only real skating contender on the block when it came to making videogames about skating. EA’s Skate which came out a couple of years ago changed all that and some people preferred their new ‘Flickit’ controls, which represented the moves on a skateboard more realistically than just pushing a button. I can’t skate and so I wasn’t a fan, preferring Tony Hawk’s simpler control method. Well, now the game’s out on the Wii in the form of Skate It and this time they’ve taken the control system that bit further with flicks and...

Skate It screenshot

Skate It

EA’s just announced Skate It – a new version of Skate for the Wii and DS. The new game will feature new controls specifically for the DS’s touch screen and also support for the Wii Balance Board, letting gamers design their own signature tricks.