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Steep review

I like to go snowboarding once a year and while I like doing a fairly decent run down a red, green or blue slope, I never really go down tricky blacks and certainly don’t head off-piste for some gnarly action that could get me killed. That’s where Steep could help me out because it lets me roam around The Alps and explore at will without my insurance company having a heart attack. Developed by Ubisoft Annecy who usually take care of the multiplayer side of Ubi’s games, they are in fact the perfect developers to do this, as they’re actually...


SSX review

I never really got into SSX when it was out on previous consoles but since then I’ve actually taken up snowboarding in real life so was keen to try out this reboot of the game which means I can try out all sorts of gravity-defying stunts and not have to be escorted down the mountain in what they call a blood wagon. The story is pretty straight forward. A dude called Griff who’s part of SSX team has gone rogue, presumably for more money and sponsorship gear, so it’s up to the remaining members to take to the slopes to...

Snowboard Riot picture

Snowboard Riot review

When it comes to typical console sports games I usually tend to stick to what I know and love; football and motor racing. Sure I’ve played plenty of others, everything from Jet Skiing to Table Tennis in fact but when it comes down to my own personal relaxation nothing beats a few matches of Fifa or several races in Live For Speed. So when Snowboard Riot, a 1000 point downloadable game for WiiWare came along I thought I would give it a try. I guess I should admit now that I’ve not played a Snowboarding game since the Nintendo 64...

Snowboard Riot

Snowboard Riot for Wii

Check out these screenshots for Snowboard Riot for Wii from Hudson Software. Just released on WiiWare, Snowboard Riot is looking to take on Shaun White’s Snowboarding head on with Balance Board support and up to 4 player online play. This could be a great snowboarding bargain for those wanting a more casual snowboarding game for Wii featuring fun weapons and items similar to those found in the hit game Mario Kart Wii. Buy Snowboard Riot now New: Buy Snowboard Riot from Amazon.com

Shaun White Snowboarding

Shaun White Snowboarding review

I know of two people called Shaun White. One is the ginger snowboarder, the other is a PR Manager at Electronic Arts. I’ve never asked him if he actually snowboards but I bet he’s not as good as the ginger one. In this first next-gen Shaun White game, you play an unknown rising star, and Shaun wants you to collect a number of very large coins across four mountain tops in Alaska, Park City, Japan and Europe. Not quite sure why, but he does. You’re then plonked on one of the mountains and you’re pretty much free to roam where...