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Facebook on the PS3

Facebook on the PS3

Facebook is soon to appear on the PS3. It will appear on the menu screen after an update and will cause yet more annoyance to me as my ‘friends’ continue to write every single think they do on it as if they really thing anyone cares! Buy a Playstation 3 now New: Buy a Playstation 3 from Amazon.com Related: Facebook on the Nintendo DSi, World of Warcraft Twitter client

World of Warcraft picture

World of Warcraft Twitter client

Can’t decide whether to play World of Warcraft or write messages on Twitter? Now two of the world’s biggest distractions join forces with the new World of Warcraft Twitter client called TweetCraft. The client allows you to send twitter messages without leaving the comfort of Azeroth, post screengrabs to TwitPic and automatically tweet your World of Warcraft achievements. TweetCraft is a free add-on so you can download it from the official Tweetcraft site and get talking to your friend now and don’t forget to follow Gamesweasel on Twitter. Related: TweetCraft, World of Warcraft Lich King sales figures

Screenshot of Nintendo DS

Facebook on the Nintendo DSi

Like putting your photos on Facebook? Well now you can take photos on either of your DSi’s camera and upload them directly to the site via WiFi. And yes, you can also send ones you’ve fiddled about with using their really funny stylus-based picture editor Buy a Nintendo DSi now New: Buy a Nintendo DSi from Amazon.com Related: Nintendo DSi review, DSi region unlocked