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Star Trek

Star Trek review

I haven’t seen the Start Trek movie but I hear good things about it. That’s more than can be said of this official Star Trek game¬†brought out to cash in on the movie. Reviews online aren’t favourable but I thought I’d try it for myself and see what I made of it. So the premise, in case you don’t know, is that The Gorn have attacked New Vulcan and eventually attack Starfleet themselves and you, as Kirk or Spock, have to put a stop to all this lizard-shenanigans. The game focusses on co-op, so you can play online with a...

Star Trek Videogame

Star Trek sequel spawns a videogame

Set your faces to stunned, Namco Bandai have just bagged themselves the Star Trek publishing deal which means they’ll be making the movie video game tie-in for the next JJ Abrams movie. The good news is that it won’t try to copy the movie’s plot but will instead take on its own narrative as written by the writer of God of War and will focus on co-op. I guess we can expect a very angry protagonist then. And some boobs. Buy Star Trek Videogame now New: Buy Star Trek Videogame from Amazon.com