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Dishonored 2 review

Dishonored 2 is of course the sequel to Dishonored and while the first game gave you many ways to play the same objective, this game expands on that idea with two characters you can play with, encouraging replay of the game from start to finish. The game begins as you look through the eyes of Emily Kaldwin, the daughter of Corvo from the first game. If you remember, Corvo went on the rampage to avenge the assassination of the Empress of the Isles and at the same time clear his name. Emily has now taken her rightful place as Empress...


Neverdead release date

Konami and Rebellion have teamed up to bring us a new trailer for third-person action adventure, Neverdead. It’s set in a world that appears to be a steampunk inspired version of Hell Boy and you fight all sorts of fantasy horror creatures using a giant sword and a whole arsenal of guns as you try not to lose your head and other limbs. You can play it this winter on Xbox 360 and PS3. Buy Neverdead now New: Buy Neverdead from Amazon.com Related: Damnation, steampunk

Screenshot of Damnation

Damnation review

Look at the box or the screenshots for Damnation and it appears pretty cool. It looks like a sort of steampunk Western complete with alternative technology and weapons that should mix things up a bit. Unfortunately when you play it, it’s plain to see it’s borrowed a few aspects from other games and, unlike, say, Uncharted, doesn’t implement it into the gameplay particularly well at any point. You play as a guy called Rourke who’s looking for his fiancée. Of course, there’s a bigger picture here and you’re also part of a team who’s trying to stop a military contractor...