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Rockstar Presents Table Tennis

Rockstar Presents Table Tennis was a hit on the Xbox 360 with its normal 20th Century joypad – so how will it fair up with Wii Motion controls? Head over to Wii Game Review to check out our review of Table Tennis for Wii and find out.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis review

Originally released for the Xbox 360, Table Tennis was an unusual entry for Grand Theft Auto developers Rockstar. Even so it was well received by critics and gamers alike thanks to its high resolution visuals and hardcore gameplay. So how does the Rockstar Presents Table Tennis Wii port with its added motion controls and reduced graphics detail shape up? As you would expect from a game with such a simple premise (hitting a plastic ball about) there isn’t a big story to deal with, simply choose a player and play some ping pong. There are two main game modes, Tournament...