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Military Madness

Military Madness review

PlayStation 3 owners have had many reasons to think themselves better than Wii owners over the years. Be it the next generation 1080p visuals, Blu-ray Disc storage or an online multiplayer system that doesn’t require the pesky Friend Codes. One other reason the Playstation 3 owners had an excuse for smugness was the release of Military Madness Nectaris for the PS3 back in January. So it’s taken a whole two months but Wii owners can now (at last) get their hands on their very own slice of Military Madness pie from the WiiWare Shop Channel for 1000 WiiPoints. So what...

Greed Corp

Greed Corp review

I was a little nervous heading into Greed Corp. Being touted as a cross between Risk and Military Madness from Hudson, this game was either going to be very good or very bad. Greed Corp for Xbox 360 is a rather unique turn based strategy game. Yes it’s your traditional hexagonal affair but let’s be honest, the majority of other strategy games can get rather boring and long winded. Greed Corp is different. Unlike the others that can take a long time to play and are full to the brim with complex features, Greed Corp keeps it’s simple from story...

Military Madness Nectaris

Military Madness Nectaris review

For once I don’t have a long and probably boring anecdote about how I played a previous game in this series many years ago when I was a nipper. Military Madness: Nectaris for PS3 is a remake of a classic 1989 Turbografx-16 game that I never played back in the day. Military Madness from Hudson and Backbone entertainment is my first foray into strategy in 2010 and what better way to start than a classic retro game made new? I could pretend that there is a long and detailed back story and detail every facet of why there are two...

Empire Total War

Empire Total War review

Real time strategy games have never been my favourite game genre and if I’m honest I’ve only played a handful in the last few years. I tend to prefer more lightweight RTS games such as Pikmin or Mega Lo Mania. I just couldn’t get into Command and Conquer and the many others that were popular on the PC during the late 90’s. Empire Total War comes from the Creative Assembly crew that bought us recent console game Stormrise as well the other more well known Total War games such as Rome and Medieval. Empire Total War for PC takes you...

Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution review

Writing down what makes Civilization Revolution a great game is almost impossible. When broken down into its component parts it sounds deathly dull, like a cross between watching BBC4 and taking a GCSE History exam. As with all great games, the idea at the heart of Civilization is quite simple. The game is turn based and takes you through 2000+ years of human history, from lowly beginnings as sword wielding barbarians, up to a civilization capable of taking to the stars and launching nuclear weapons. Obviously, as you are building your own civilization others are too, and the game is...

Zoids Assault screenshot

Zoids Assault

Bad news for those of you waiting for the Xbox 360’s rival to Nintendo’s Battalion Wars, the Zoids Assault release date has slipped by a couple of weeks to September 9th. As far as I’m concerned it’s about time the 360 got a good old online strategic game full of giant customizable war machines, makes a change from all the first person shooters Microsoft are throwing our way.