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Twisted Metal review

I was a big fan of the original Twisted Metal games on the PS One because at the time there was no other game out there like it. Sure there was Destruction Derby but that didn’t feature crazy cars and big guns! Now it’s back for a reboot on the PS3 but does it still provide the same thrill or has it been left behind since then? The plot focuses on three characters who’ve assembled to fight in Calypso’s Twisted Metal Tournament. Sweet Tooth is back to get the reward of murdering the one that got away, as well as...

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal PS3 version

It’s rumoured David Jaffe is working on a new Twisted Metal game. The driving/fighting games were fantastic on the PSOne and a leaked email reveals he’s at least making a new driving game which also features violence. As long as it keeps it off the real roads that’s fine by me. Buy the original Twisted Metal now New: Buy Twisted Metal from Amazon.com