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Watch Sky Sports on the Xbox 360

Xbox 360 owners can now get pay-as-you-go Sky Sports access thanks to a new initiative that’s part of their Now TV package. Previously you had to subscribe to monthly membership if you wanted to watch Premier League football and other sports on your console but now you can pay £9.99 for 24 hour access to all the sports channels including F1. It may be more expensive but if you only care about that big game now and then, and think you’d spend more in the pub, it’s good news! Buy an Xbox 360 now New: Buy an Xbox 360 from Amazon.com...

Discount Playstation 3 Prices

Playstation 3 movies on demand release date

It looks like Sony may soon be winning the battle for online movies on-demand. The service isn’t yet available in Europe but they’ve got over 40 studio partners offering movies, which is way more than Microsoft. Expect the service to arrive in Europe by the end of November 2009 via a PSN firmware update. Buy a Playstation 3 now New: Buy a Playstation 3 from Amazon.com Related: Netflix on the Xbox 360, Sky TV on the Xbox 360

Sky on the Xbox 360

Sky on the Xbox 360

You can already get Sky TV on your Xbox 360 but it may also be coming to the PS3 in future. According to a Sky document, the service which doesn’t require a satellite dish may be reaching other platforms so there’s hope yet if you don’t have a dish or one of Microsoft’s machines. Buy an Xbox 360 now New: Buy an Xbox 360 from Amazon.com Related: iPlayer for the PS3, Xbox 360 Netflix access

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Xbox 360 Netflix access

The Xbox 360’s going to get exclusive rights to Netflix, a service that lets you stream movies and TV directly to your TV through your Xbox 360. It will be available for free to subscribers who already pay for the service and they’re planning to add other social services like Twitter Xbox 360 integration support. Buy an Xbox 360 now New: Buy an Xbox 360 from Amazon.com Related: Twitter Xbox 360 integration

Play TV

Play TV release date

The PS3’s Play TV which turns your PS3 into a PVR will finally be available next month for just under £70. Good news as it’s cheaper than previously announced and will let you record shows up to 1080i resolution onto your hard drive and watch them on your PSP. No word yet on a Play TV US release date yet though. Related: Sony E3 Highlights

Free comedy on the Xbox 360

Free comedy on the Xbox 360

Last week Microsoft informed us that they would be bringing some original short film pilots to Xbox Live later this year. These short comedy programs will be free to enjoy by Xbox users worldwide and have been produced by some of the best known horror directors around (Andrew Douglas, James Gunn and Lucky McKee to name just three). With titles such as; MEATDOG: What’s Fer’ Dinner and Assorted Nightmares: The Janitor, it’s sounding like a pretty cool idea and we can’t wait to watch some of them on our Xbox 360’s when they come out. Related: Microsoft E3 Highlights