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Fable III screenshot

Fable 3 achievements

Fable 3 is out next month and it has some rather odd Fable 3 achievements for you to earn. Among those listed are ‘Long Distance Relationship’ for marrying another Xbox Live user, ‘Cross-Dimensional conception’ for then having a baby with them and ‘Henry VIII’ for getting married six times, then killing two of your wives. It certainly puts chicken kicking into perspective. Here’s an A to Z Fable 3 achievement list:- Adopt Or Die – Adopt a child. 5 achievement points And So It Begins – Win the support of the Dwellers. 20 achievement points Archmage – Cast all 15...

Sky on the Xbox 360

Easy Xbox 360 achievements

Gamers who are still playing their Xbox games on the 360 will soon be able to get achievments. Halo and Fable are the first games to be patched which should get gamers with an old collection of games dusting off some old favourites. Buy Xbox 360 Achievements Unlocked now New: Buy Xbox 360 Achievements Unlocked from Amazon.com