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A bright future for Dark

Kalypso Media have just launched this a trailer for their forthcoming 3rd-person futuristic RPG – Dark. In it you don’t play this guy with a gun but rather a vampire as you stalk enemies from the shadows and silently dispatch them or just go in for the kill from the front! It certainly looks different and if you’re the sort of person that has a blood lust you can play it on Xbox 360 and PC early in 2013. Buy Dark now New: Buy Dark from Amazon.com

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon screenshot

Blue Dragon review

This one’s a classic-style Japanese RPG on the Xbox 360. Japanese developers have mainly ignored Microsoft’s console and stuck to making games for the PS2 but this one, even before its release in Japan, was being hailed as the big RPG for Microsoft which should change the attitudes of all you RPG-ers out there. It’s got the dudes who created Final Fantasy, wrote the music and the character designer who worked on the Dragon Quest games and the cult classic Chrono Trigger so it better be good. The game begins with a big purple cloud rolling over a small village...