Alien Crush Returns, Home Sweet Home and Space Harrier

Nintendo have blessed us with another three titles this week but are they worth spending our Nintendo Points on?

On WiiWare we have:

  • Alien Crush Returns from Hudson Software. At last a true sequel to Alien Crush from the TurboGrafx16 , if you like movies full of aliens and playing pinball in your spare time then this is the game for you. With tons of Alien stunning alien themed tables, Hudson promise this to be the best pinball action on Wii and with up to four player online play and high score leaderboards, we can’t fault them on their offering at a bargain 800 Nintendo Points.
  • Home Sweet Home from Big Blue Bubble. Have you ever wanted to be an interior designer? Me neither. However if Feng Shui pumps through your veins then this little WiiWare title could very well be for you. At 1000 Nintendo points it’s a trifle expensive when you can play the Flash version on popular arcade sites for free, so it’s not one we recommend just for the comfort of playing it on your couch.

On Virtual Console we have:

  • Space Harrier from the Sega Master System. Probably one of our favourite Sega Arcade games which sadly got a bum deal when being converted to home consoles. With ports ranging from the ZX Spectrum to the Commodore Amiga you’d thought at least one of them would’ve recreated the awesome experience of the original Arcade Machine, but alas this was not the case. Even if this is not the best version it’s still a classic game where you run and fly forwards towards hoards of dragons and UFO’s shooting them up with your trusty blaster gun. Not bad for 500 Nintendo Points.

Alien Crush Returns, Home Sweet Home and Space Harrier pics

Alien Crush Returns, Home Sweet Home, Space Harrier, WiiWare, Virtual Console

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