My Aquarium, Clu Clu Land and Legend of the Seven Stars

For Virtual Console this week Nintendo have given us two classic retro games.

First up is the one of the last Mario games to be released on the Super Nintendo; Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars; created by the RPG masters at Square (yes that’s right – Square Enix) on behalf of Nintendo and was released in 1996 to huge acclaim both in Japan and the US. At 800 WiiPoints Super Mario RPG is a trifle expensive but well worth the money for new Mario fans and those who never managed to play this back in the day.

Secondly we have Clu Clu Land, which is an old puzzle game from the NES where you control a fish called Bubbles who is trying to find all her stolen gold bars that are mysteriously scattered around mazes. Not an essential purchase but for 500WiiPoints and the option to play cooperatively with another player it could be fun for a while.

On WiiWare this week we have My Aquarium from Hudson Software for a bargain price of 500 WiiPoints. We describe it as the ultimate “interactive screensaver for Wii” – My Aquarium for Wii isn’t really a game; it’s more of a relaxation program. You can create up to six different aquariums and have a huge range of customizations to choose from. First you choose the actual aquarium, the glass colour, lighting and background design. Then you can choose the style of gravel, rockery, the plant life and of course the types fish to live inside your aquarium.

My Aquarium, Clu Clu Land and Legend of the Seven Stars

My Aquarium, Clu Clu Land, Legend of the Seven Stars

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