Helix and Ys Book

Nintendo have updated the Virtual Console with another two classic games this week.

First up is Ys Book I & II, a single player TurboGrafx16 CD-ROM game for 800 WiiPoints. A mysterious RPG adventure full of; magic, monsters, danger and traps. If you like the classic 2D Zelda and Final Fantasy games then this could be fun for a while.

On WiiWare we have a brand new game called Helix that costs 1000 WiiPoints from a new developer named Ghostfire. Helix for Wii is a music rhythm game which makes you move your body around whilst thrusting the WiiRemote (or if you have two, then one in each hand) in different directions, quite similar to the dancing stage in Wario Ware Smooth Moves is you happen to have played that. With 26 songs, 30 moves, three difficulty levels and hypnotic techno graphics this isn’t actually too bad for $10, it’s much cheaper than the Dance Dance Revolution games and quite frankly – not that different. Unfortunately there isn’t a proper two player mode to speak of but there nothing to stop two people holding a Wii Remote each and both doing the moves – just only one person will receive the credit.

Helix and Ys Book

Helix,Ys Book, Wii

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